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There is No Reason Why You Should Not Work to Fix Your Credit

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Did you know that the majority of our society knows their social security number but are completely unaware of their credit score? That may seem like two really different things; however, for most people, these may be the two most important numbers you should know. And if you find your credit rating is not ideal, you need to start now and focus on how to fix my credit.

The reality is that to fix my credit is not rocket science. In fact, there are a number of easy steps you can follow to help fix my credit.

Be Pro-active

That might seem like a no brainer but, for many, it is not. How do you know if you need to fix my credit if you are unaware of what your credit score is? And like most things, how to begin to fix my credit may be as simple as understanding your credit and ensuring that all information pertaining to this credit is accurate. What do I mean when I say be proactive? Simply, request information. Seek a copy of your credit report on an annual basis to ensure all information remains accurate and that your credit rating clearly reflects your credit situation.

Begin re-establishing your credit as soon as you can

One of the mistakes many people make once they realize they need to fix my credit is that they shy away from the concept of credit as much as they can. Unfortunately this in itself will not help you fix my credit or rebuild it. Having no debts and no active credit simply means you have no credit score. You must have at least one active credit account to have a positive impact on your credit score. So, while you continue to address your debt, ensure you have one active account – this could be as simple as a line of credit or overdraft with your bank.

Pay on time

With being so busy these days, it is easy to miss a payment date. This will greatly impact your credit score, so to fix my credit, paying on time is essential. This payment history counts for a significant chunk of your credit score – up to 35%, so it is vital you focus on the payment dates. One way that people are ensuring payments on time is to set up payment reminders or whenever possible to set up automatic payments so that the company is responsible to withdraw your payments on time.

Reduce your debt load

This may seem like an obvious one. And it is. The best way to increase your credit score is to reduce the amount of debt you owe. Start by getting rid of all non-essential credit cards and department store cards. Use one main card with a lower interest rate. Check the balances of all your current active cards and determine how much you owe. As mentioned above, make sure to make payments on time for all but create a budget that allows you to pay more than the minimum amount on those with the highest interest to get those paid off first.


Step 1 Credit is a credit restoration firm based out of California offering effective and legal credit repair solutions to the US citizens struggling to fix their credit rating to get home ownership, auto loans, and mortgage refinance. For more tips on fixing your credit, visit Bankrate.com.

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