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Three plate armor Arena 2400 Experience: How to Choose equipment and property?

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First, do not play do not play ice ice, to play to play evil evil. You have to know a second to play good milk riding. (Very good other treatment except ms). Soldiers like a general on the line. I would say that since our zsafk2 this season, also played in a few jjc it.There are two 600 equipment, nor weapons! Well thank about zs experience, nq clouds, Saturday afternoon at the beginning of the few experienced after winning the still pricey. 2100 broke the end of the match more than 2500, it is not the team. Also, please buy wow items on our site!

I personally feel that evil dk or to heap proficient, after the storm hit and sputtering weakened weak proficient never had this property, I think it is the biggest upgrade!

1. First change the belt, the Almighty proficient. This much said the other two belts is very bad.

2. Then change breastplate Almighty proficient, the entire suite is not only the hands and chest proficient plus, of course, the big change breastplate upgrade.

3. Then change the ring, proficient in the ring.

Other easily change it. Finally, change the line of jewelry, weapons can trade on the exchange upgrade is good.

Afternoon team did not encounter any team is relatively small, easy to write. Nq general idea of playing it, do not need to be saved.Direct hit across the line of treatment may be clouds too hard now. Basically interchangeable, but the. Then hit zs, zs Intimidating set fire to keep a lane split dps, blood line up to play without pressure treatment on the line (not card therapy perspective), the treatment into the pillars do not chase.

Opposite the main is that I forget to eat the baby or changing talent. Pressure or nothing, basically drove a cop three lines, the law did not come up knife injuries. The second day of basic am a ghost can kill.

Killing the Dragon encounter crazy Uncle Joe died SA 2600 match. We bring nq, is quite advantageous outcome of each other.

At first they swap treatment. The basic lacks pressure, clouds or too hard. SM was killed stickers still very hurt.

Then they beat me to the singles zs SM, so long in fact nothing zs pressure a2 a dps like, sm increase blood will come out. No charge pressure can play a sm a.

Remember do not easily break, there are faint when interrupted by strangling it can put a little bounce. Even if it does not matter cheated. If you do not fight cheated interrupted sm up. Zs back playing together a lot of pressure.

Later they changed the play dk, zs stick me, let us play zs sm, this is a bit disgusting. dk is certainly hard to beat I choose to directly treat the outbreak hit play zs, strangling pull to sm.

After play hard to beat for a lot, but just remember that as long as the opposite playing nq. We would not hesitate to play sm. Some hesitation time, victory would tilt the balance of basic. More wow gears are now available in our shop!


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