Tips For Buying A New Car

Before you rush out and buy that new car, it’s a wise idea to think about what you really need in a car.

People’s needs change, so what was suitable when you bought your present car may not be the right criteria for now – or the future. For instance, if you are a young married and plan on having a family over the next few years, you’ll need to consider whether there will be enough space in your chosen car.

A car should last at least ten years and things can certainly change in that time.

You might intend to only have one child, but what about school friends or car-pooling? There will need to be enough space for these possibilities. A sporty two-seater will be impossible to fit two or three kids in along with Mum and Dad.

On the other hand, that six-seater you bought several years ago could be far too big if your children have all recently left home. Yet again, you might decide that now is the time to take that long trip you’ve planned for years and you’ll need a larger vehicle to tow the caravan.

Another thing to consider is what you will be using the vehicle for most. Do you take off-road holidays, or do you prefer to keep to the main roads? Will the car need to double as a work vehicle? Maybe it will be needed for work, family and shopping.

If you will be using it for work as well as family, will it hold the things you need for your work? Not many bags of horse feed will fit in a sedan. On the other hand if the car is to be used as a run-about for the shopping and children, a sedan would be fine.

Counting costs may also need to come into the equation. These days when the cost of fuel has risen considerably, it makes sense to buy the car that takes the least amount of fuel to run – so long as it still meets your other needs.

These are some important things to think about before making that final decision.

Before you go out to buy that car, it might pay to do some research on it. There are many websites that allow you to type in make and model of a car and get details of what it is worth.

Ideally, you should make a folder especially for all the information you will get from various sources. It’s easy to forget or confuse one set of information with another.

Trading magazines will give you a good idea of what a particular make and model of car is selling for, and you can watch the ads in the newspaper and at used car lots.

Be sure to save all the data and put it into your folder. But price is not the only thing you want to find out.

New car pricing info can be had from, Autoweb,, Invoice Dealers and others. They will give you prices on new and used cars and also the dealer invoice price for new cars.

It’s much easier to do this research online rather than drive all over town hunting down prices. Always get at least three quotes for a new car. They will all vary. The way to get the best price on your chosen vehicles is with competing quotes. You should never go to a car yard without your quotes to compare with their prices.

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