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Tips For Planning Your Next Beach Vacation

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An annual beach vacation is almost a must. It’s a chance to relax, catch up on reading, enjoy dinner by the water and take in that fresh sea air. Here are five crucial tips for planning your next beach vacation and choosing the perfect destination:

Choosing a Destination:

1.Check up on the location’s reputation. If you’re looking for a subdued and relaxing vacation, you don’t want to wind up at Daytona Beach during spring break. Don’t be afraid to call up and ask local businesses about what their regular clientele is like or the general ‘vibe’ of the place. You don’t want to accidentally schedule the girl’s getaway at a hot spot for single seniors.

2.Check the price points of surrounding areas. If the beach destination of your dreams is a bit out of your price range, try checking the lesser-known surrounding areas. Sometimes a spot’s popularity means the prices will soar, while a quiet beach front location just a few miles down the road might be just as beautiful but available at a more reasonable price.

3.Ask about kids and pets. If you’re traveling with children and animals, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing a beach vacation destination that welcomes them. Some popular resorts also offer kid-specific programming so parents can have a getaway too. And, for those who’d rather not play with the tots, there are destinations that advertise as kid-free.

4.Set some parameters before you look. Do you know if you’re looking to rent a self-service beach side cottage? Or do you want an all-inclusive resort? Is your family happier at a communal resort with lots of planned activities or a quiet getaway spot where you can do your own thing? Do you want a fly-to destination or one that’ll include a road trip. By deciding some of these boundaries before you look at your options, you can make your search a lot faster.

5.Check the weather. You don’t want to be in Maine in March, you don’t want to be in Florida for hurricane season, and you don’t want to be in the islands during the rainy periods. A quick web search or browse through a travel guide should give you a good idea about the annual weather conditions for your destination. Weather can be the best or the worst thing about your vacation, so be sure that you are prepared with the correct clothing, sunscreen, gear, etc.

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