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To The Rescue On Hair Dilemmas

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Many of us may have been neglecting our crowning glories by constantly damaging it with hair color, hair bleach, blow dry or iron, sun exposure and god knows other hair products and procedures causing it to suffer so much torture. It is for these reasons that there are many among us who have damaged strands making our hair look dull and lifeless. Read on and you’ll find some solutions to many of your hair dilemmas.

Split ends have time and again been constantly plaguing many among us. This usually happens when the tips of our hair strands dry up and then begin to split cause usually by excessive blow drying, ironing, perming and other chemical procedures performed on the hair. You can only get rid of it by cutting the ends but you can prevent it by doing a once a week deep conditioning with a deep conditioner as well as regularly having a trim.

The problem of falling and thinning hair has not been uncommon. Hair losses are sometimes caused by hormonal imbalances, medications, improper perming or coloring, tight braids or ponytails and even fungal infections. Always eat a healthy diet and select a shampoo that is suited for your type of hair to prevent hair falling.

Damaged hair is dry and is caused as well by the culprits that causes split ends. Keep the moisture locked in by using a protective conditioner during a bath. A leave on conditioner or some conditioning agent helps as well to be applied to help protect hair when it will be blow dried.

If your problem is frizzy hair then your hair lacks moisture. This problem is best addressed with a moisturizing shampoo. You can also find numerous anti-frizz products being offered in the market to help tame your tresses.

There are several important things that we have to take note of. Hair should be dry at least 80% of it before doing any styling, tying, or even before sleeping. A wide-toothed comb is ideal to use when combing it while it is still wet or damp. If you have colored hair and would want to color it again, you have to wait for at least two months minimum to avoid or prevent damage. Give your hair a weekly treatment whether at the salon or by yourself in the comfort of your own home. A good diet that is rich in vitamin E as well as protein can help keep your hair healthy and very shiny.

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