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Top 3 Unusual World Heritage Sites In China

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So to China again – the world’s most populated country!! Now, when you think of World Heritage Sites in China you must mean The Great Wall, The Forbidden Palace, The Terracotta Warriors, etc…?? No, sorry, not today and not for this travelling Northern Irishman. China was the first Asian country I ever visited and my flirting love affair with it’s land of endless possibilities continues…so here I bring you 3 very unknown and unusual UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China which I have visited recently. [I:http:http://localhost/fas.com//wp-content/uploads/2015/07/JonnyBlair21.jpg]

1. The Fujian Tulou Buildings in Fujian Province, CHINA – These are scattered all over the central Fujian region and are amazing old style buildings, once used to house entire clans and large families. Keeping the enemy at bay, these houses are round, square and very insular and self sufficient. I toured around lots of them and have written extensively about them – a real world heritage gem in Fujian if truth be told. Worth seeing! [[I:http:http://localhost/fas.com//wp-content/uploads/2015/07/JonnyBlair16.jpg]]

Short Guide – Head to the city of Yongdong first and from there organise a tour out to the buildings. A local company will run buses or you can also hire a driver if you need. The chance to see these buildings if you’re in Fujian should not be missed. You can also bargain with the price of the tour with your driver.

2. Danxia Mountains in Guangdong Province, CHINA: These are hidden in a very no-obvious part of the north Guangdong Province. A splendid range of hills and rock formations in Chinese wilderness. It’s not a place to get a guided tour but head there yourself and do the awesome hikes – one for sunset and one for sunrise – the views are spectacular!

Easy Guide- Head to Shaoguan in China and then get a bus from the main bus station out to the Danxia mountains – you will probably arrive at a resort called Jin Jiang or Yao Tang village. You can stay the night there and use it as your base to do the hiking. Don’t miss penis rock on the hikes!

3. Kaiping Dialou, Guangdong Province, CHINA: It’s amazing that in a country so vast as China, that a scattered array of almost 2,000 impressive tower style buildings almost goes un-noticed! Well it’s easy to get lost in China, luckily these buildings have outlasted their builders and as recently as 2007 they were declared a World Heritage Site, and deservedly so! This was actually my MOST recent venture into China, just a couple of weeks ago, so you’ll hear a lot more about it. [[I:http:http://localhost/fas.com//wp-content/uploads/2015/07/JonnyBlair18.png]]

Easy Guide – Arrive firstly into the city of Kaiping and stay in one of the hotels in the city centre – try the Milan Hotel as they organise trips out to the Dialou. There should be some leaflets and brochures on the Dialou. You can also hire a local driver to take you out there!

So there you have it – 3 fascinating World Heritage Sites to see in China! Love the travel lifestyle!

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