Top 9 Reasons to Work at Home

Working at home has been getting easier these past several years. With the Internet opening up new home business opportunities as well as more jobs that can be done from home, the possibilities are quite simply amazing.

Depending on what you want to do, it can be easy or difficult to get started. If you have a job with a company that allows telecommuting already, it can be easy. Starting a business or finding a work at home job… easy or hard, depending on your skills, what you want to do, and just a touch of luck sometimes.

Not all reasons will apply to everyone. They can depend on what you do and how your family works. But you can generally get at least a partial benefit from any of these.

But there are some great reasons to work at home.

1. Saving on gas.

This is a really minor reason in many ways, but as gas prices go up people have been more and more interested in this idea. Even telecommuting one day a week can save you on gas costs.

2. No commute.

Or if you do have to drive to work or to clients sometimes, you may be able to avoid rush hour traffic. This saves frustration and time.

3. A more flexible schedule.

Not always true, but often enough. Depending on what you do, you might be working standard business hours, late nights, early mornings, or whatever time is best for you to work at. You are more likely to be able to be there if you have a child who needs you and run errands when it suits you.

4. No boss staring over your shoulder.

If you have a work at home job rather than a home business, you will still have a boss and have to meet your goals, but you don’t have to deal with one all day. But this can be a negative if you need feedback.

5. More time with your family (?)

Once again, a huge advantage, but not true for all people working from home. Many will still need childcare so that they can get their work done. However, if you’re keeping regular hours, you at least can lose the commute time and cut back on the rush in the mornings and evenings.

6. Simpler wardrobe.

Working at home means you don’t have to spend so much on keeping your wardrobe current and you don’t need so many “Dry Clean Only” outfits. Each of these can save you quite a bit of money.

7. The ability to follow your dreams.

More for people running a home business than working a job. Running a business is a dream for many people, one which allows them to make money from something they truly love doing. Working is more fun when you really, really love what you do.

8. Saving on lunch.

You won’t need to eat out so often. Your refrigerator is right there, and if you plan ahead each evening, leftovers can make a quick and easy lunch. Your sodas and coffee also aren’t marked up so much if you’re buying your usual from the grocery store.

9. You can set up your office the way you want it.

No worries about corporate rules on how your desk has to be set up. Whatever decor makes you happy, you can have. Same for music, if you don’t need absolute quiet when you’re on the phone.

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