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Top Tips For Landing On Squidoo’s Top 100 List

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One social site adores internet marketers and that’s Squidoo. In fact, they are welcomed there – provided the lenses that they create are informative and of high quality. When you join Squidoo you become not a Zen Master but a Lens Master.

The key here is building as many lenses as you like around niche keywords. Instead of trying to make friends as you would on MySpace you join SquidU which is the main Squidoo forum. There you can post links to your lenses and also other lenses that you like. It’s a good idea to also visit the top 100 lenses and sign their guest book as that will give you a free automatic link back to your own lens. Squidoo will even allow you to hyperlink within the guest book so that you can have the traffic funnel to a squeeze page that’s on your own website.

It’s incredibly easy to set up a lens once you have signed up to your free account. Write an informative but keyword rich title and choose the url domain. If you are promoting a product then the best way to do that is by having a url with the name of the product in there somewhere. Don’t restrict yourself to the name of products, highly regarded people are also popular names.

There are numerous ways that you can populate your work here. You can actually have numerous modules but some of the best ones for a reseller to have include links list, amazon, ebay, guest book, rss feed, Delicious, YouTube, Links list and Digg.

Your Links List is the best place to link to any web pages that you own. Amazon and Ebay gives you the ability to earn even more commissions. It is also a good idea to have a guest book though at times this can be annoying. A guest book will let you know who’s been visiting your site, you can then visit yours and exchange links with one another, etc.

If you have a blog then you can also add a rss feed that will showcase the entries from your blog.

The most coveted position on Squidoo is to make the Top 100 List and there are some strategies that you must follow in order to increase your chances.

Firstly, it is a good idea that you don’t even publish your lens until you have actually got quality content written in the lens. It is a good idea to have filled out the introduction module and also done at least one further module before you publish the content to the web.

Secondly, unfortunately many people either don’t know how or don’t add a rating to their Lens so I would suggest that at the very start and end of your lens you actually ask for people to rate your lens. Don’t be scared to ask people for what you want. This includes inviting them to click on the fifth star and also inviting them to bookmark your lens so that they are up to date of any future updates.

Thirdly, do all that you can to get traffic to your lens. The best way to do this is if you already have a list. Simply broadcast a message to let them know that you have added some free info. Also if you are good at writing articles then there is nothing stopping you linking to your lens at the end of your article in the resource box.

Fourthly, you may also increase your chances of a higher ranking by being an active member in the Squidoo community. This could include visiting other people’s lenses and posting comments or signing guest books. A great way to get started with this method is to visit content on a similar or related topic and then simply sign the guest book. That way their traffic can actually become your traffic when they follow your hyperlink. It’s even possible to add an optin box.

Fifthly, update your content as often as you can. Fresh content is highly regarded and the best way to do this is by simply doing a quick edit job like slightly changing the title or adding or deleting a sentence. Be sure to publish your update every time or else your rankings could fail.

Squidoo is truly an internet marketing force to be reckoned with and now is the ideal time to become a Black Belt in Squidoo Lens Marketing.

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