How to Fix Garbage Characters %E2%80%8E at End of URL WordPress Issue

Do you get %E2%80%8E end of  URL?

I f you are jumbled & scratching head for what went wrong and getting 404 page not found in spite of entering correct URL parameters especially in HTML code,you are probably facing an issue of white space or invisible characters at the end of your URL.

When clicked on URL link Your URL will get appended by garbage value at the end of URL like %E2%80%8E, and then server tries to find out the URL like below ending with %E2%80%8E and get 404 page found.


This is not an issue of WordPress but the copy & paste issue.When you copy URL from your notepad or from any application like sticky notes you also add white space or invisible characters at the end of URL and copy the same to another place.

You have to be cautious always when are you inserting URL anywhere, if any particular plugin is not handling white space then also you can face this issue.
How to Fix %E2%80%8E issue ?

Fixing %E2%80%8E is very simple but identifying could be difficult ! Follow simple steps below and then done !

1) Identify the URL where you inserted in code or plugin for E.g as in for our case below was the URL

Suppose you added below code in footer.php

<ahref=”   /” target=”_blank”>Privacy Policy</a>


2) Remove the copied URL completely of your domain and rewrite the URL by typing it and then copy it back like below

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Privacy Policy</a>


Also please make sure there is no whitespace even before starting of URL as well.

3) Test it by clicking on URL , if the page is opening properly its done!

If still the issue is not fixed ?

If still, you are getting the same issue even after following above steps mentioned then, it’s possible that these garbage characters (or hidden ASCII space character) have been stored in database tables, this possibility is more with the culprit plugins,and the copied URL entered through plugin input field.Follow below steps and get rid of trailing garbage characters at the end of URL
To fix this
1. Login your phpMyAdmin through cPanel
2. Select the respective WordPress database of your site
3. Click on Search tab
4. Enter value %e2%80%8e or whatever trailing garbage characters at the end of URL you are getting. Select the exact phrase with table wp_post. or the respective of culprit plugin.
5) Now click on Edit link you got in the search.
6. Navigate toward field having garbage characters and remove it & save.
7. Done ! Your Database surgery is complete

If you find making surgery on database is difficult and you have lot of such URLs in hundreds then we have third and simple bloodless option !!

1) Go to this plugin Better Search Replace its FREE ! this is a simple plugin to update URLs or other text in a database.
2) Install  & search for the URL which you want to get rid of trailing garbage characters at the end of URL

3) Remove invalid characters and update the database field.

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