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Travel Accessories:how To Choose The Right Accessories For Your Type Of Travel

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A friend and I often argue about the worst type of business travel. She takes long trips to guest lecture for two to three weeks at a time about four times a year. She feels this is the absolute worst type of travel and says she often feels a great deal of anxiety as a new trip is approaching.

I also travel a great deal, but in a different manner. I attend at least one seminar or symposium per month that requires travel by air. I find this to be completely exhausting as it seems that you no sooner land than it is time to get back on the plane again. Although we travel in different manners and for different purposes, my friend and I have found certain travel accessories to be particularly useful. We discuss travel accessories often and find that we are often recommending the same product to each other.

A favorite of us both, and something we both recommend to others, is a good pair of nose-cancelling headphones. This can really make the difference to people who have a difficult time sleeping on airplanes or for whom air travel is stressful.

Another accessory that we both swear by is a sleep blindfold. Although this may sound uncomfortable, the goods ones are made of soft, non-irritating material to which you quickly become accustomed. This travel accessory will enable you to escape ambient light at any time and take a refreshing nap in total darkness. My friend and I agree that this is the best weapon against jetlag.

Being able to stay in close contact with those at home is another stress reducer. My friend relies on her PDA to send and receive email. I prefer having a very travel-friendly laptop. Although a laptop is heavier and requires more room on an airplane, it also serves more purposes. Not only am I able to send and receive email and browse the internet easily while traveling, but I can also make and receive international calls, do paperwork, watch DVD’s, and listen to CD’s. I often remark that all I really need for a trip is my laptop, a decent hotel and a change of clothes.

To select the travel accessories that work best for you, consider your daily activities that you most want to take on the road with you. Then consider what you will need in order to conveniently perform these activities remotely. By spending a little time visualizing your needs, you will find it easier to select the accessories that will make your travel as painless as possible.

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