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Travel Attractions In Canada

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Canada is prominent for its exquisiteness and natural splendor. It is empowered with excellent hotels and immense restaurants. Canada is a domicile of parks, magnificent tall buildings and tradition sites.

To name some of the great views without which traveling Canada is considered to be incomplete are the CN Tower, rail route from Vancouver to Jasper, the national park, the Stanley Park, polar bears, whales, ice bergs, parliament buildings, Louise Lake, and many more exciting places.

CN tower located at Toronto is the world’s tallest building and is depicted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The rail route from Vancouver explores the rocky mountains to Jasper. These rocky mountains are an emblem of Canada.

The Banff national park is the perfect place to have the benefit of watching wild life or delving into the mountains or the beauty of lakes. Stanley Park stretches over 1000 acres with a route of 8km for bicycling, the Vancouver aquarium, beaches, Water Park, tennis courts, and many other exciting places of thrill.

Churchill is an inviting place for polar bears during September and a wonderful travel attraction for tourists in Canada. The main parliament building standing in the centre of federal government of Canada is open for tourists.

The carnivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. The winter carnival is celebrated with pomp for two and a half weeks and is of absolute attraction to all the people over the world. Experiencing night parades, ice fishing, concerts, dogsled rides, horse drawn sleigh rides, skating, snow baths, and to top it is the stay at the famous ice hotel.

Shopping malls are one of the great attracting places of tourists. The west Edmonton mall is the largest mall in the world with copious shops, eating houses like restaurants and hotels, Water Park as well as amusement park, submarine lake, and one of the exquisite features of this shopping mall is that the sales tax is excluded.

Niagara falls are Canada’s most famous attractions as the water plunges from a cliff of 56m and viewing the mist boat that sails to the base of the waterfall is enthralling. The Toronto zoo is a shelter for numerous animals and is a great place of attraction in Canada for tourists. The lion safari gives you an open opportunity to ride on elephants.

Natural beauty has engulfed Canada, while adding to the attractions of tourists are the man made tourist attractions in Canada. The stampede park is a man made place to conduct events and other functions throughout the year. It is indeed a world of paradise and exploring it becomes essential during ones lifetime.

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