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Travel Can Be The Best Medicine

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It is important to leave home because with one person doing the job of three people, office work is being completed at home. No longer is the home a sanctuary of rest and relaxation. Home has become an extension of the office due to a multitude of technological leashes such as cell phones, e-mail, and fax machines. Of course those who work from home need to escape as well.

Stress is a key factor in the lives of many. Travel is relaxing. Experiencing something new clears the mind of clutter. Taking a walking tour or some other outdoor activity is good for the body. The benefits of travel can only be effective when ALL remnants of work are left behind. Your business will not collapse during the 1-2 days (more if necessary) of your vacation. Yes, the health benefits of a vacation can be achieved in just 1 or 2 days. Even as busy as everyone is 1 or 2 days can be found even in the most hectic lives.

How can travel be added to an already overflowing schedule? Schedule it. Make travel a part of your bi weekly, monthly, and quarterly schedule. Once the trip is scheduled learn these words: “I’m sorry I already have an important appointment scheduled on that day.” For those who have a job schedule that changes weekly, there are always “Last Minute Travel Deals” on every travel website. Just commit to a week when you will travel and find a trip that coincides with your days off.

Now that when has been decided time to look at where you want to go. For those with limited time, start with the closest major city. Too many people go through their entire lives without being a tourist in their own city. The first rule of being a tourist in your own city is to stay in a hotel. Even if the nearest attraction is just 15 min away book a room. Environment is so important when taking a break from work and household chores, so leave your house for 1-2 days. Use the internet to find out what your city has to offer. The internet is great when planning a last minute vacation. There are always plenty of deals available. When planning a trip for 1 to 2 weeks, use your imagination and plan your dream vacation. Again the internet is the best place to gather information about travel worldwide. One word of caution is to be careful when choosing a vacation package that has a tight schedule. Rushing around form sight to sight is not on the list of relaxation techniques.

Planning regular getaways will improve your health, by changing your environment, widening your perspective and giving you something to look forward to. And if all that and a massage doesn’t lower your blood pressure, remove the tension in your shoulders and lower back, and slow down your hart rate, nothing will.

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