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Understanding Her Sexual Body Language

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Making a move on a girl that you’ve just met can be a nerve wracking experience, but if you take it slow and watch her body language as you talk to her, you’ll get some clues as to whether or not she’s going to let you get a little closer. There are, however, a few things that a woman will do when she’s interested in a guy, but some of these signals can send mixed messages so make sure you observe the overall picture and not just parts of it.

The first thing you should watch is her face. Is she smiling at you? Does she touch her mouth or lightly touch her lip with her tongue? What about her eyes? Does she hold your gaze with hers for a few seconds, or does she immediately look away? If she looks away when you look at her, does she blush a little? Does she blink a lot when she’s looking at you or talking? Does she play with her hair? All of these can be signs that she’s attracted to you. Playing with her hair could mean that she’s a little bored by what’s going on around her, but if she’s doing that while doing any of the other things here, chances are it’s a playful flirty movement that’s drawing your attention to how nice her hair is.

Where are her arms/hands? If her arms are folded it could mean that she’s not interested and is blocking you out, but on the other hand, if other more positive signs are happening, then it’s also possible that she’s wanting to draw your attention to her breasts. If she’s playing with a necklace this is another way of diverting your gaze to her breast area and a positive sign that she’s interested in you.

Although crossing her legs seems a defensive posture, it could also mean that she’s showing them off to you. If her back arches and she’s leaning towards you when she talks, this is also a good sign that you can confidently make a move on her and she’ll be positively receptive to it.

What you need to watch out for is the accomplished flirt-this is the girl who displays an abundance of sexual body language but has no intention of following through with any guy in the room. Often known as a tease, a girl like this can send out the right signals for the wrong reasons and so you need to be able to identify her and stay clear! This girl will show all of the body language signs above, but she won’t be using them on any one guy, she’ll target a number of guys.

Although many girls are tactile, the tease is often over the top with this and will be “obvious” in her attempts to get attention. By watching and listening to the group of people you are with, you can identify the tease quite quickly and then turn your attention to the rest of the girls to see if any of them are showing a genuine interest in you.

Sexual body language is a powerful thing, but always be careful that no matter what their body says, if you make a move on a girl, and they verbally say “No”, then no is no and you need to walk away.

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