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Visit A Quality Cavachon Dog Breeder

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Researching various breeds to find one that fits into an individual’s personal lifestyle is highly recommended prior to selecting a new pet. Things that should be taken into consideration include appearance, health needs, size, activity, and coat style, just to name a few. In Minneapolis, MN, one may contact a professional Cavachon dog breeder to find out more about this particular animal and to see them in action.

Even though the AKC does not recognize this non purebred breed, they are still highly sought out by those who love designer pups. They come from the mixing of the lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the adorable Bichon Frise. Reaching a maximum of twenty pounds and rarely standing higher than sixteen inches, these canines are classified as small to medium.

The coats on these types of dogs comes in a variety of colors. Most commonly they have white fur with splotches of red, black or sable in random areas. Occasionally, pups can be born of a solid hue or they may be adorned with a combination of three or four in a tortoise shell type of effect.

Of all their attractive characteristics, the coat is near the top of the list not because of its coloring, but due to its special feature. Some pups will have long silken waves, while others will be covered in loose curls. Both styles share the desirable features of producing virtually no dander and having minimal shedding.

Appearance is something that does draw a large portion of potential owners to these pups. Their lovely silken coats and compact sizes are perfectly complemented by a solid, sporty build that is typical of such active creatures. When this quirky stance is combined with large eyes that are extremely expressive, the result is an incredibly adorable bundle of love.

Generally speaking, these animals are extremely family oriented but do not do very well if left on their own for long periods of time. They tend to get anxious when lonely and may misbehave out of nervousness. Some ways around this issue is to have another pup or cat in the house, or to leave the television or talk radio on for sound.

Possessing wonderful social skills and being quite intelligent, Cavachons will likely bark to alert their people of strangers or unexpected sounds, but actively being physically aggressive is very rare. High energy and playfulness, as well as happy dispositions and responsive interaction is very typical. Being around children is usually no problem at all, especially young ones who are old enough to be respectful and kind.

This breed has no particular major risks to their health, especially if they receive regular checkups, dental and ear care and flea control. Grooming needs vary as the longer fur requires frequent brushing and the shorter curls will need to be professionally trimmed periodically. Both house and obedience training is likely to call for a lot of patience, extreme consistency, firmness and fairness because of the pup’s strong will.

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