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What Do Instrumentation Engineers Do?

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This article takes an in-depth look at the various tasks performed by instrumentation engineers and their importance in the manufacturing sector.

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Firms and institutions that use automated process, also known as industrial automation and instrumentation companies, for the running of their production or processes need instrumentation engineers to control, create and monitor complex instrumentation for optimal productivity. Here we are going in a little depth about what exactly is the job of an instrumentation engineer and which industrial sectors require them the most.

Which Industries Require Instrumentation Engineers?

  • Oil Refineries: The oil refineries or the petrochemical industries were the first to come up with the need of such technicians with professional knowledge in the electro-mechanical field.
  • Avionic: Instrumentation engineers play an important role in the aerospace industry as there is an inevitable need of instruments to measure velocity, length, etc.  Also the industry wants appropriate electronic systems for satellites, space crafts and aircrafts which are created with the help of specialised Instrumentation Engineers.
  • Chemical industries: The accurateness of measurement as is required in the chemical industries can only be achieved by professional Instrumentation Engineers.
  • Military operations: One might not immediately be able to think of the requirement of Instrumentation in Military operations but it does indeed play an important role here as accuracy of measurement, surveillance applications, aiming of weapon, weather conditions and many other intricate things are directly linked to proper instrumentation.
  • Automobile industries: Instrumentation engineers play an important role in developing the micro parts manufacturing plants and industries which are directly connected with the automobile manufacturing companies. They also keep on the research work to come up with better technologies from time to time.


What Do Instrumentation Engineers Do?

  • Instrumentation Engineer looks into the really complex technical issues a firm might face at any point of time.
  • They also ensure the safety and productivity of the technical systems.
  • In manufacturing plants there are several instruments primary to their production which might be for measuring temperature, voltage, radiation, or any other crucial thing. These instruments are designed and taken care of their functioning by Instrumentation engineers. Monitoring their effectiveness and repairing any faults that might arise while the instruments are employed, is fixed by the Instrumentation Engineer(s).
  • They ensure the safety of the equipments being used at the firm or production units.
  • They do research work on the already available technologies and work towards employing latest technologies for the benefit of the firm.
  • These engineers explore the drawbacks in the systems and use and find ways to either replace it with something which has minimal drawbacks or find something that can nullify them.
  • They ensure correct installation of the instruments and test run them before they are ready to be used in regular shifts in the firm. Basically, in plants and industries dependent wholly on technology, the whole designing of the plant is done in accordance with these engineers.
  • They train the employees on how to use the delicate systems and instruments with utmost accuracy and precautions so as to ensure zero-accidents during its work period.
  • In the contemporary technological world, everything is managed via computer technology and programming. These professionals control and manage this sector with utmost excellence.

So technically speaking, the firms dependent on instruments and high-end technology are highly dependent on smooth functioning of their day to day activities. A whole function of a plant or industries might get hindered if there is no instrumentation engineer available at the time of any of the technical faults. From creating an instrument to its maintenance, and developing it further all the work is done by Instrumentation Engineers. For the hazards related with the work, expertise in the given field matters in abundance.

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