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What Is Fashion?

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What is fashionable these days? Taking everything into consideration, the outward and inward body plus, the cleanliness of the body, fashion is a personal decision. Sure, one can get help from many different sources, but one must make the choice on how they apply the fashion to themselves so that one can be her own person. Women’s fashion is something that is growing every day. Fashion is so many things, no one person could define.

Fashion is the way one dresses. It could be feminine, sporty, masculine, or anything else. It is the way one chooses to style their hair. Short, long, straight, curly, or any color you want. Fashion is the way one applies make up. One can choose to have heavy makeup, light make up, costume make up, or no makeup at all. Fashion is the way one acts. A woman with integrity, who knows how to stand up for herself; a woman who is polite, but firm; a woman who knows how to lead and to follow; and, a woman who knows the right people to associate with.

Fashion is an everyday woman as well as the celebrity or model. Fashion is the way one takes care of them such as a woman who knows how to be naturally beautiful by following basic hygiene rules like taking showers, brushing teeth, and just keeping healthy. Fashion is how you portray yourself to others. Most of all, fashion is a personal choice, not dictated by others, but, by what makes you happy. Never compromise yourself for something the fashion media says is a must have. Never starve yourself for what fashion says is beautiful.

Never become so ugly on the inside you have to hide it with clothes.

What is fashion? Fashion is every woman who puts on clothes. It is every personal decision that makes you who you are. One might even say that fashion helps us show others who we are. Fashion is good and bad. It helps us to be unique and beautiful in our own way, but it also shows us that we are not as thin or wealthy as others. Take fashion with a grain of sand, because it changes every day. Watch it, learn from it, even live it at times, but do not let it take control of you. Women must control fashion and the way it affects their opinions, for that , in itself, is women’s fashion.

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