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What is Teen Lingo?

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There is no doubt that teenage is the period where teenagers seek for their own personal space and they try to draw lines to keep their parents away from their lives. In addition to this, they also want to define own social circles. For several years teenagers have been creating their own languages and the latest trend these days in teen lingo is using shorthand i.e. instant messaging via phones or internet.

To a extent the purpose of teen lingo is to keep the parents in the dark. If you ever watch a teen busy online, then you will come to know that an average teen is capable of managing three to five chat sessions simultaneously. If on cell phone then kids lingo plays a very prominent role as one has to deal with the character limit of text messages.

Using a internet lingo seems to be something for todays generation due to which they feel empowered. It really means a lot to this generation that they are capable of having communication using teen lingo in their social circle without older people knowing it. They take teen lingo as a part of establishing a type of powerful, attractive and sophisticated identity of their own.

There has always been the use of internet lingo for say a decade back. It may be due to the increasing influence of online chatting and text messaging on teenagers.

Literally teen lingo is all about saying or writing as little as you can but without compromising with the meaning. It is not only teen who have created their own lingo, instead programmers and gamers also have their own well formulated specialized code language. But as far as teen lingo is concerned it is all about creativity. Teen lingo is a method adopted by teenagers to keep themselves away from mainstream culture.

Teens fads keep on changing constantly and according to a survey; most of the teenagers prefer to use teen lingo in text messaging for having a quick conversations.

All of it seems logical but parents concern about their children can also not be overlooked when they find their children spending hours chatting online or sending or receiving messages that are beyond their comprehension. Their concern counts more value especially when there are websites like Alldumb and Rotten etc.

Using a teen lingo is nothing wrong if used as a mean of harmless social networking. Considering the harmful aspects of teen lingo more and more parents these days want to know about teen lingo and want to understand it. this eagerness on the part of parents have given birth to a type of chat-and-mouse. To keep watch over their childrens activities parents are turning towards the sites providing acronym dictionaries in an effort to understand what is being conveyed in acronyms.

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