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What One Needs To Know About Aquarium Maintenance

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The practice of keeping fish will involve much more than buying them and placing them into the tank. There are other important considerations. There are various conditions that they will require for them to grow healthily and without these they will not thrive. Proper maintenance of the aquarium ensures there are optimal conditions. A number of routine practices must be followed when it comes to aquarium maintenance in Cincinnati OH.

The biggest factor that maintenance entails is tank stability. As long as everything is running well and fish are in good health, there should not be any major changes. This is even in instances when pH or hardness is slightly beyond the expected range. Increase or decrease in major water parameters are the things that will require to be attended to immediately. The other parameters are to be considered during periodic maintenance.

Water change is one of the main requirements and should be done once every two weeks. In most instances, just about 15 percent of the volume of water should be changed. Among the best techniques to use is replacement of extracted water as the gravel is vacuumed. Doing this will help to get rid of uneaten foods and residues which settled as substrate.

It is impossible to see water chemistry and therefore it will need to be checked periodically. The best way to achieve this is through checking tank chemistry during water change. Among the most important parameters are nitrites, nitrates and hardness of carbonates. For most species, pH should be in the range 6.5 to 7.5. This can however be changed if there is need.

The filters will need to be functioning well and therefore the inserts used on them ought to be changed monthly. If however the fish load is higher, the frequency of change should increase. In the event that the inserts have trapped particles, these will decompose the same way they do if they are in the tank. For the filters, they need to be cleaned every month through the use of water from the tank as it is changed.

The maintenance practices are to be performed daily, weekly or monthly. As part of daily maintenance, all equipment should be running properly. The fish will also need to be watched during feeding. This helps to realize any changes in behavior which are always an indication of potential problems.

As part of weekly maintenance, there should be counting of fish. In case there is death of fish, smaller species tend to decompose quickly, leading to accumulation of ammonia and nitrites. Eventually, this leads to high nitrate levels. Walls of the tank are also cleaned weekly.

For the monthly maintenance routine, there should be checking of expiration dates on bottles and boxes. There should not be the use of supplies which have expired because when they are expired, they may give inaccurate readings. This could prompt one to take unnecessary action.

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