Where to Find Great Deck Photos

An outdoor deck has become an increasingly important asset to the homeowner. Therefore in preparing to design their decks homeowners often look for deck photographs in a variety of places.

The internet offers an opportunity for doing deck design research because many companies offer photo galleries that showcase photographs of actual decks built by them. These photos can provide a starting point for homeowners and assist them in developing ideas that can be applied to their own particular backyard environment. Many homeowners modify a deck seen in a photograph because they can see that it has certain commonalities associated with their own home.

The homeowner might see a photograph of a multi-level deck that has a “footprint” that is similar in one or more ways to that of their home. They might see that the shape of the upper or lower deck has positive design possibilities and this inspires them to utilize a similar design in their own deck plan. Rather than a single upper deck they might now see the advantages to having an upper walkout deck level linked to a large lower level by a mid deck platform and two linking sets of stairs. Thus a deck photograph can provide a design vehicle for homeowners to help them achieve their goal of creating a custom backyard environment.

Many magazines and how-to-do-it books are readily available in book stores and libraries that can provide an amazing array of opportunities to explore the design possibilities of various deck photos. Sometimes it’s a good idea to keep a file of design ideas garnered from these deck images. These design concepts can relate in one or more ways to the general shape of the deck, its railing system, the entrance or exit steps or staircases and such deck amenitie as benches, pergolas, fire pits, planter boxes, arbors, privacy screens, sound systems and lighting.

Home, garden and landscaping shows within the community are also an excellent source of potential deck design ideas. Take along your camera and take photographs of interesting and unique deck displays that are an important part of such events. Check out the display kiosks where builders and contractors show off deck photographs of completed deck projects that they have designed and built. Make note of any design possibilities and add these to your deck design folder.

Home and garden television shows are also an excellent source for finding photographs of interesting deck designs. They provide a great deal of practical information regarding topics such as decks. In some cases they focus primarily on the subject of good deck design.

Probably one of the most overlooked sources of deck design ideas is very close to home. Relatives, friends and neighbors have decks that reflect their owners’ personalities in many ways. Take your camera along next time you visit and take photographs of that particular deck that you admire or that deck feature that you wish to incorporate into your deck design. Your relative, friend or neighbor will be immensely flattered because they already love their own deck and its design.

Deck photgraphs ultimately carry more than an image of a structure. Each one displays the distinct personality and decorating style of its owner. The secret is to create a deck design for yourself that will inspire others to repeat the process that you went through in search of the perfect deck design.

And to think it all started with a simple deck photograph.

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