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Which is smallest: twenty-five, seventy-seven, or thirty-one?

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Let’s see today’s top free strategy game: God of Light! First thing first, if you are attracted to masterpiece image, the game’s 3D graphic will almost bring you to a world of fantasy and fairytale, you mustn’t miss that. Then as a mobile strategy game, you will meet difficulties to solve the main puzzle of this game:To Bring Back Light to Universe! Well, i will guide you to find the Light!

1. God of Light features beautiful graphics and challenging puzzles in which you must guide a beam of light into the exit while grabbing crystals along the way.

2. Reflect a beam of light around the room from a source to a destination. Strike a few tokens along the way. Repeat with one more mirror. If you are having trouble, you can use firefly power to help find the solution, removing what little challenge actually exists. Firefly power can be purchased, or earned by watching ads. Admittedly, it’s a very clever way to implement ad space in a game.

3. Explore 5 different game worlds and 125 levels.Use mirrors, prisms, splitters, collectors, black holes and filters to control rays of light energy.

Unlock and share your achievements with friends. Do you have what it takes to earn them?

4. I myself have played about 40 levels and now in world 2, and i have accomplish world 1:The Tree of Light.
There is no trouble to complete ignite the Tree of Light, it’s the first world of the game, you may caught the first impression and learn the game mode.

Ignite the source of light,then  explore a pitch-black room, with reflecting light through crystal called life origin and Guide light from source to the exit.

Tips: If you have some little troubles touch and drag the firefly from the right top of the screen, which will show you the right path.

5. The reflective surfaces you encounter in each level also vary, adding further layers of strategy and difficulty to the game. Some are static, others capable of rotating.

6.some movable along a slider some splitting your beam of light and a few even capable of teleporting your beam of light from one area to another (just don’t tell any physicists about that). The variety of mirror types is a real plus point and gives God of Light some variety across its three worlds and 75 levels. That being said, if you play God of Light constantly, it won’t take you too long to complete it.

7. God of Light is easy to pick up as the concept of directing and reflecting light seems fairly natural. However, manipulating all of the mirrors on screen can be a little fiddly, particularly on the iPhone, which can lead to some frustrating errors, especially when you’ve worked out a perfect route and accidentally move the wrong mirror and ruin all your hard work.

8. Another gripe I had with God of Light was the way of progressing to the second and third worlds. I mentioned the importance of crystals earlier and, unless you collect 100% of the crystals in the first world, you’ll have to cough up the $2.99/£1.99 to unlock all of the levels. Although the game is not particularly difficult up to this point.

9. I still find it a little unscrupulous to require all of the crystals to be gathered in order to progress. The in-app purchases for fireflies too are also pretty unnecessary as they are not all that useful in the game (unless you are particularly impatient) suggesting to me that they are simply a cash grab technique rather than an attempt to improve the game.

Thanks for watching my guide of this game and have a nice day! Download this game for free at our website, will you?

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