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Why Learn Korean?

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There are so many people now who are venturing into learning languages. While there are those who don’t understand the necessity of this, there are many others who believe that to learn a new language will bring more self-improvement. One language that is gaining attention is the Korean language.

Why Korean?

Aside from the continued spread of many Korean movies and TV series, there are many reasons why people want to learn the Korean language. One of the most noted reasons is that Korea ranks eleventh in the world economy and third in Asia. This means that if you know how to speak Korean, your skill would give you the edge that is needed to rise above the competition in the market of job opportunities. Knowing Korean will also help you enjoy the beautiful country of Korea and understand more of its history, culture and people.

It is also interesting to note that Korea is one of those countries that register very low birth rates. This is because the younger Korean generation is more interested in focusing on their careers than on having children. They would rather enjoy more out of life than be badgered by the process of having to rear children. If this situation is not abated, in just a span of ten years, the Korean country will have a dire lack of skilled manpower. Once this happens, they would naturally have to get workers from other countries. With this in mind, it is best to be prepared and learn the Korean language now.

Learn the Language Online

While there are many schools now that offer Korean language courses, you can also learn the language by just logging in to your computer. This is because there are many online courses now offered on learning Korean. These online courses are usually for free and could offer you the opportunity not only of learning how to speak Korean but also how to write and read it. You could enroll in the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels depending on your knowledge about the language. Learning is easy, as it could be done through the multimedia files that are provided by the online site offering the course. You will even be able to track your progress in learning the language by taking the tests that are also provided online.

Immerse in Everything Korean

Although learning the Korean language can be quite challenging compared to learning English, it can be learnt quickly if you would just try not only to speak Korean but also to think Korean and live Korean. The language can be learnt easily if there is total immersion of the life and culture of the country.

If you have a chance to visit Korea, you would learn that you cannot dependent on English as a means of communication. In the country, you would have to use and practice the Korean language every day. Everywhere you go in Korea, you would have to interact with native speakers who will not understand a word of English. So, learning the language is a definite edge when you want to get a message across to Koreans.

There Is More to Just Learning the Basics

In learning the Korean language, you would realize that as with learning any other language, there is more to it than just learning the basics. There are inflections, pronunciations, and accents to the Korean language that you would have to pick up to make communication using the language more understandable. You have to know that a native speaker will be able to understand you more if you speak the language mixed with the unique Korean subtleties that go with it. There are also many local phrases that you could learn that would make conversing with the locales more easy.

James Dunn is the owner and operator of e Language School
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