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Why Parents Need to Learn MySpace Teen Lingo

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The usage of teen lingo may be good way to convey the maximum message using the least characters, but it’s more and more use these days is to keep the conversation secret. Consequently predators are taking advantage of this habit of teens and also inapt surfing is at boom.

More and more children and teenagers these days are using teen lingo that comprise use of acronyms, jargon and various other shorthand terms while chatting online. These messages are very tough for a common person to understand.

According to internet security experts parents should come forward to learn teen lingo to step into teens online realm. This way they would be able to keep their children safe from the hands of predators and also keeping them away from immoral online surfing.

As far as teens are concerned, they are very much like programmers when it comes to creating their own language. However there is a difference between the usages of two. Teens use teen lingo to establish a communication between themselves and parents.

Children can keep on communicating in front of their parents using teen lingo but their parents remain in dark as they are usually entirely unaware about teen lingo. So, they do not come to know what they are taking and with whom.

Teen lingo is a matter seeking parents consideration because often this lingo comprises adult coined codes like NIFOC which means nude in front of computer and LHOS for lets have online sex or TDTM for talk dirty to me are intruding in teens lives. It is not all; there are hundreds and hundreds of words that teens create on their own to have private conversation like PIR for parent in room.

According to online experts there is still no reason for parents to get frightened by this constantly increasing use of teen lingo. Instead they must learn the terms being used by their children, and visit the chat rooms and talk over the issue with their children or teens. Getting angry with the children is not going to provide parents with any solution. On the contrary, if you find your teen using a word you know caries a wrong meaning, then do not hesitate in speaking about that. It is essential because your reluctance in asking to your ten about something that you know may prove dangerous or your child may get involve into something wrong and at times it may prove life threatening.

Being a parent, you need to keep your eyes and ears open. By learning teen lingo, you will not only be able to learn the mysteries of this secret language which is popular among teenagers, but you will also earn the admiration of your child/teen. Teen lingo is an inseparable part of today’s children but by learning teen lingo you can make your children more approachable. You need to be friendly so that they see you whenever they need any kid of guidelines.

MJ Batta writes on various aspects of Private MySpace Dangers and manages the website SpyOnYourKids.Net

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