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Why You Should Stop Smoking

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When you decide to stop smoking, you will undoubtedly reap some health benefits from quitting. To end the habit successfully, one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is to make a list of the reasons for quitting.

Then, when the craving for a cigarette hits, you can take your list out and look at your reasons for quitting. Oftentimes, the list of benefits will override your urge to smoke.

First of all, deciding to stop smoking will improve your overall health. Oftentimes, you can reverse the bad health effects that cigarettes have had on your body when you decide to stop smoking and actually do it.

Your heart will work better, your nose and taste buds will work better, and you will even have increased endurance and stamina. Your lungs will even be able to breathe better which will make you feel better all around.

Secondly, your decision will halt the terrible damage caused to your body, enabling you to live longer. Think of the heartbroken children or family member you may end up leaving behind, should you die before your time.

The risk of heart attacks for smokers is often present. With most men suffering heart attacks in their forties and upwards, the situation often leaves fatherless children. The immediate reasons for quitting smoking are many.

Ex-smokers often find that their sense of taste and smell returns, not realizing that for many years, both senses were dulled and affected by cigarette smoking. There’s also a point where ex-smokers realize that smoking smells awful and leaves their clothing with a lingering odor.

Many smokers who quit discover that they sleep better or generally have a better feeling, as if they’d suddenly found a boost of strength or energy they didn’t have before.

The health of others is an important reason to stop. Many smokers do so in their own homes, exposing others and often children to dangerous second-hand effects of a cigarette habit. Ear infections, common in many children, have been linked to second-hand smoke.

In fact, one family that had a child suffering continuous ear infections noticed the issue halted abruptly after both parents stopped smoking indoors. Asthma in children can also be smoking-related, and since no young toddler with breathing problems is puffing away on a cigarette, smokers can be part of the cause.

Smoking has extremely harmful effects on the body and that is why you should want to stop smoking right away. One way to see the harmful effects is to wipe off a wall in your house to see the yellowy film that the smoke leaves behind.

Since secondhand smoke has been shown to be more dangerous, try to smoke outside if you simply cannot quit. This will save everybody else that you live with from the harmful effects.

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