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Women’s Fashion: The Affect On Our Kids

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Women’s fashion is obviously directed at women, which is probably the most obvious statement there is. What is not so obvious is that women’s fashion affects these same women’s children. Children see and hear more than what they are given credit for. Women should not let children dictate their lives, but they should be careful on what they say and how they act, even on something like fashion.

Children imitate their parents, especially their mothers. So, those women whose main goal in life is to have the most fashionable stuff, they might be teaching their children to never be satisfied with what they have or who they are. It is alright to want to be fashionable, just don’t let it be the main priority in your life.

One can teach kids to look good and to take care of themselves without it taking over their life. Women who don’t know how to set aside a budget for clothes are teaching their kids to be wasteful. Also, if a woman is envious of another woman’s style or life, the kid is never going to learn to be happy with their belongings.

Now, there are the women who think it is fashionable to be super thin. They restrict food, exercise incessantly, and put unrealistic goals on themselves. So, on top of seeing the size zero models, the kids are seeing their moms trying to be like the models. In turn, the kids could start picking up the behaviors of their moms so that they can be like their moms. This circle all started because the mom’s would not be happy with the way they are made. Dieting and exercise is a good and fashionable thing if done in moderation and taught to be done properly to the younger generation. Everything that makes a woman fashionable should be taught to the kids in the proper way. How else are they going to learn to love themselves if the women around them do not teach them?

Fashion can be good if taken in moderation, as with anything in life. It is up to the adults, especially the women to show the kids this truth. Teach them how to dress themselves, how to fix their hair, and if the kids are girls, how to put on makeup. Teach them it’s alright to want something someone else has, but to be happy for that person for having it. Teach good eating and exercise habits. Teach the children all of these things so that they can one day be a fashionable woman.

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