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Women’s Fashion: Why Hygiene Is A Factor

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One would not think that hygiene would be a factor in women’s fashion, but it is, as it should be. Think about it, even if someone has the most up to date clothes in terms of style, but the body underneath them was dirty, would those clothes still be fashionable? It’s a fair question, because even the most beautiful, high fashion woman around would still look bad if she had dirty hair and nasty breath. One would think not. It takes a lot more than putting stylish clothes to be women of fashion.

Personal cleansing habits are on the top of the list when it comes to fashion, because when one is dirty, it does not matter how many fashionable clothes she has. All the high profile women if fashion take time to go to spa’s to make sure they have wonderful, smooth and clean skin, then the find the perfect outfit. They have personal hair stylist and make up artist’s to make sure that they are at their best, not that one has to look their best all of the time, but you should make sure you brush your hair and teeth. How can one expect to be fashionable if one is, well, nasty? You can dress a dog up, but it’s still a dog. Any fashionable women should care enough about her to take care of herself. Why would you buy new clothes then put a dirty body in them? Besides, no one wants to be close to someone who has not showered in days or thought to brush their teeth.

Good hygiene is a must to be fashionable. When a woman cares about her body it shows, not only in her appearance but also in the way she carries herself. It feels great when you first step out of the shower. It’s extremely refreshing and boost’s your mood. One could even say that a woman will appear more fashionable after taking time to refresh one’s self. She may stand taller, hold her shoulders back, and even feel proud of herself, all because she knows she is at her best.

Women’s fashion incorporates all parts of a woman, starting with the body. When the body feels good the rest comes naturally. So, ladies, shower, brush your teeth, fix your hair, feel good about yourself, and then get dressed. Taking good care of yourself will make you a fashionable woman.

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