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World of Warcraft 6.0: A Detailed Destruction Warlock PVP Strategy

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Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas! I am glad to get the testing service account number issued in the other day activities abyss third bomb second period. Then began to engage the client, on-line, familiar skills, line and stakes, flags. I’m telling you a very good news: We have wow gears on sale in our shop! Come and pick some!

After a few days of familiarity, as well as hundreds of doorway abused Feeling for 6.0 Destruction Warlock also have a certain understanding. Then intend to write such a 6.0 Destro pvp guide, did not get to test the service account base faithful taste fresh. This post includes some 6.0 Destruction Warlock biography, and the current occupation of the door x7 battle experiences. Given these years the landlord residual hand is limited.

Before introducing the specific content, first talk about some of the changes in 6.0 pvp area.
1.    pvp under circumstances, a variety of professional skills has been unable to provide the fighting became the property plus for us.Before mining increase endurance, Flayer provide crit, you can now say goodbye up.

2.    pvp equipment did not gems, gem slots only appeared in a handful of pve equipment
3.    Enchant currently only rings, necklaces, cloak and weapons. Single, personalized is not strong.

4.    toughness, strength, fighting fatigue, hits are canceled, injury-free now rely on two: pvp jewelry set bonus (10% damage reduction), and all-around (minimal reduction). Specifically shown below.

The stakes when the team is playing hurt. They also almost beat this value. Damage reduced a lot.

For example, when 5.4, players generally are 600,000 blood up and down, playing players out of chicken is about 30 000, 1/20. But the current state of the player pvp common blood is 300,000, out of 8k points, like 1/30 ~ 1/40.

The current version of residual brain power arrows also plummeted, flat trajectory will also be able to knock down 10 percent across the blood, even though the big move full threat is not great.

After this point, you can control the Hellfire lasting and brother.
Hellfire is bi-disperse skills, and a 1 minute cd halo groups (this skill can not choose the area, is the Hellfire melee skills, pit!), Damage is very low, is aoe and pull strange type pet.

Big Brother is the magic skills of law and a 30 seconds cd, slow down 80% for 4 seconds skills, if the point of the body will strengthen the pet then becomes 4 seconds, similar to the Master of the ice ring. Doom cheap very domineering, out 7k.

Tell the truth, then, if you like pets, then the current terms for destruction, Big Brother is the best choice, skill is very comprehensive. But now dead pet too easy, easy to die, easy to die, die!

If not strengthen pet talent, baby blood is 100,000 so if you can reach 130,000 to strengthen the lower 17 states are pvp like this. But still can not avoid being dark, animal husbandry, dk etc. massacre fate. Please Buy wow gears onb our site cheaper and safer!


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