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World of Warcraft 6.0: Rank of Whole Career DPS Defense Specialization

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6.0.3 (19243) Version of the full specialization rankings has been released recently, this article shows that 665 cases of the most informative and other equipment under normal difficulty. Buy wow items on our website cheaper and safer.

DPS, the monks continued strong since 5.4, including dual wielding riding the wind in order to close the error weak field strengths across Germany, leading Billboard DPS first, taking the first two places in the group. DK evil recent outstanding performance, and traditional German wild melee no less strong, won the third overall. It is noteworthy that hunting and shooting in the data sheet since been tremendous progress, becoming the first group only remote career.

The second group has a lot of attraction, such as the evolution of the 665 when installed, which are more dependent on the properties of specialization deputy also significantly improved. Five players gap is very close, which is also the discipline to ride the new piece of information has been greatly improved, and also because of equipment and other elements of Sa gap makes Specialization greater strength to play, one stroke ahead five body position. Of course the highlights in the new DPS specialization gladiatorial battle, only to give way to a little gap between the legal systems of the king thorough dps shadow priests.

The third group of cases can be described as one-sided. Olympic ice and father of two sons of Law Department of the pro-God seems to have trouble, but that is still in the upper-middle position, and very dependent on equipment, fire laws without accidentally give way to the Warlock and Rogue. On the destruction of the data sheet shine narrowly inferior pain, but also because the devil narrowly rear. Despite the impressive ability to enhance AE, but the strength of the monomer or unable par with other expertise, only finished third from the bottom. Can not seem to get rid of the assassination of thieves MoP decline, seated penultimate. The Titan’s Grip mad war despite the appearance of arrogance, but it can not be exchanged domineering DPS, crane tail regret wearing a hat.

The other two talent gap with the power of the dark, animal husbandry thorough 100 is so great that turned into poor students from the vanguard, I do not know what the idea of Blizzard.
Please note that DPS rankings for reference only, the results are obtained in an ideal environment, the real situation is much more complex raid.

DTPS rankings mean, in the standard model in the fight much damage can be subject, in other words that is hard to avoid injury. Unsurprisingly monks are the highest. However, despite the blood DK seriously injured, but after all its strengths is self-healing.

HPS + APS rankings can be displayed for each specialization and proactive self-healing ability to absorb the damage. This project is a blood DK’s signature stunts, so to win is not surprising.

TMI Index is a measure of the blood line smooth specialization degree, which is a benchmark for treatment of piles. You can see the monks can effectively resolve the status of a roller coaster. Also, wow gears are on sale in our shop.

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