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World of Warcraft 6.0 Warlock: Strategy on Four Minutes of Fighting Devils

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Insert black soul Glyph three goals following fighting demons arrows point talent, playing the devil around BUFF arrows, use of fire to save the soul of anger, Shadow Bolt filling, to ensure maximum duration of two layers of ancient hand. These four goals and milestones ADD fighting point Cataclysm talent, played full BUFF big disaster, outbreak reserved MC, remaining time in the black soul soul of the fire, the fire usually save anger stage with soul, filling Shadow Bolt. Hey! When we talking about Demon warlock, do you need some wow boe items? We got some OP wow gears as well!

Panel displays demons arrows are being proficient secondary bonus after data.
Devil Arrow formulas: (100% + proficient percentage) X (100% + 2X proficient percentage) X spell X (100% + Almighty percentage) X4.125 (prior to 3.75, the BUFF10%, exactly 4.125)
Cataclysm formulas: (100% + proficient percentage) X spell X (100% + Almighty percentage) X7.5

Under the demon form of damage = base damage hit X (100% + proficient percentage) X (100% + proficient percentage X2) = panel damage X (100% + proficient percentage X2)
Formula meaning of existence is convenient in some situations, such as jewelry and make a choice on the black soul, to know which one gains higher. Of course, still have to eat all the buff best friends ~

Get anger ways:

Ghost Wrath group provided 200 / 20-24S (5% haste under 2.38S / down), anger Corruption 5 / down (5% haste under 50 get anger), Shadow Bolt 25 anger, soul fire 30 anger, anger ancient hand 14 Legion anger hit 12/60 energy (windmills do not produce anger), Big Brother 6 attack anger / Under (0 rapid 3S / down, get 5% haste under 108 anger)

Because nobody property aspects 🙁 research together to discuss terms of attributes is just my personal guess and calculation)

Proficient is undoubtedly the best attributes of the devil, to improve the human form under all skill damage, plus part of the skill damage under demon form. 110 point increase 0.75%, 146.6 points increase 1% Anger is a way to get fast, to ensure a sufficient number of outbreaks of anger, we must ensure that there are enough haste. 100 point increase 1% Sputtering is a very stable way to obtain.

DPS trigger rate is very high, the overall DPS occupancy ratio is also good. 66 point increase by 1%, the chance of additional damage, there is a secondary judgment, and have their own individual judgment crit, simply means that 1% of the sputtering attack in 100 years will trigger twice. Monks can refer to a specific area of the post, written just fine. Just my limited language proficiency do not understand ……

Almighty is the percentage increase in damage value, which is the formula (1+ Almighty percentage), similar to the human form of mastery bonus damage. 130 points to improve the damage of 1% and 0.5% lower hurt earnings Almighty is very stable, is a great attribute.

Crit direct ascension of the soul of fire damage, increase the chance of additional damage, the theory is very good earnings, expected gains are balanced and sputtering, but more out of the soul of the fire damage is directly benefiting and doom crit trigger injury benefit .

So property aspects, so to speak, that is able to ensure that the rapid outbreak of rage under conditions sufficient to maximize proficient, then the Almighty, the last personal preference stack crit or sputtering it. That which I will not say more. Buy wow gears cheaper and safer here!


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