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World of Warcraft: Do You Know How the Heirlooms Work in Patch 6.1

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More and more content of Patch 6.1 has been updated by Blizzard and WoW devs. And many content announced makes players excited. Now, the Public Test Real is opening up for you to try out. With Twitter integration, garrison updates, the new heirloom management system, and more, there are lots of features worth exploring. Here, aside from the good news is that you will be able to put Iron Horde Scraps to good use in patch 6.1 for follower equipment, The new Heirlooms tab will be added in the future 6.1 patch, but with it a few changes were made to the Heirloom items. We’ll try to explain everything so everyone will be prepared for these changes. We are not only offering you a wide of WoW BOE items at discount prices, but also updating the latest information about WoW.

Heirlooms Tab. The long requested tab was added and all the heirloom items you have are automatically added tho that tab. Once you see the heirloom in there you can safely delete that item because once you click a heirloom on that tab the item will be automatically created in your inventory. In this new tab you can filter the heirlooms and search for them and you can even see a counter on how many do you own. Something tells me we’ll see a new achievement for collecting all the heirlooms.

Upgrade your heirlooms. With the new patch you’ll be able to upgrade your heirlooms as well. Not to increase their stats, but to be able to use them about a certain level. You can buy WoW items at lower prices with fast and safe delivery!

Even if the upgrade system is not fully implemented on PTR at the moment, we can understand how everything should finally work. Basically you any heirloom can be upgraded twice, up to level 100. Upgrades should works something like this:

0/2 – usable up to level 60
1/2 – usable up to level 85
2/2 – usable up to level 100

To upgrade your heirlooms you have to use items like Ancient Heirloom Armor Casing and Ancient Heirloom Scabbard, and these items are available for gold from Krom Stoutarm for the Alliance and Estelle Gendry for the Horde.

The system is not really implemented yet, but looks like the first upgrade should make the items usable up to level 90 (instead of 85), and the tokens for second upgrades are not yet in the game. Also, at the moment you can buy these for gold from those vendors, but we don’t know if it will remain like this.

This new tab and the changes to the heirlooms system is something that looks really great and I bet especially the players who love leveling new characters once in a while will enjoy it. From now on we wont have to send these items from one character to another. Once one of our characters got them you can generate as many of these items as you want on and many characters are you want (from the same account of course).

If you ever looked to the Currency Tab and you wanted to see the Warlords of Draenor section, you had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find it. By default you can’t move those sections around and even if you minimize them, when you log back in they are all maximized again.

That’s all today’s news of WoW patch 6.1. Whether you want to get the latest updates or you want to buy WoW gears, head over to our site. And we guarantee to provide you with the best.


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