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World of Warcraft Memory: Fish men are never slaved in WoW!

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If you are not from the Northshire Abbey, you may not know a great teacher gave Hogg how many people there on three anti-class section, I am certainly not saying that Hogwarts or something Gandalf Dumbledore. Hear the moving story, and do you get your memory on some impressive wow gears, talking about that, why not buy wow items here more conveniently?

If you have never been Orgrimmar hostel, you may not have seen the legendary Jia Moer. As a hardy NPC from 12 of his “day one thousand dead,” slowly boiled 1V5 warriors had stolen keys, spent time in jail, and now not only became a hero after the war, but also four stopping by to send toys to play with.

If you have not been to the dark city underground, you will never walk the road triumph of the prince of Lordaeron. Bell already tilting gates, but still before the glorious throne. You have not heard the last words of the king of Lordaeron, you have not experienced the forgotten killer who built the elevator, let alone in the depths of a strange underground disoriented. When I first enter the dark city, is to ask for a step by step brought me to the ground.

If you’re like me, just an ordinary player, to ignore the devil monsters, but do not care about world peace. Occasionally, a rare look at the scenery Shasha vacantly Road, pondering his own helicopter or rocket, most of the time in the main city in someone’s achievements dragon drool, or in their own fortress in a daze, you must be of this world a biological impressive.

How to make an online world lifelike, vivid, and that in this world, in addition to a large number of players will also need a variety of NPC.

The NPC also can not just standing like a machine, just repeat a few good lines set. To fish for example. Once you entered the territory fish, the fish will rear its ugly head, “wow la la la la!” Ran the cut you.

Fish hits you either die or run or play it. You beat up a fish meal in fish territory, this half-dead fish will not die, “wow la la la la!” Ran to the other fish to seek help, then anywhere from two to as many as three to five fish only people together, “wow la la la la!” revenge you come back. You can not hide or be killed, or died, or play them twice before his death.

Then you come to the resurrection body with the soul. The distance from the fish you revive people’s territory far enough, you also increase the number of knowledge.

Probably 67 years ago, a similar person in the lakeside town of Warcraft is a wild monster hit, and then he came very solemnly asked me, “Why did I walk past it did not mess with it move, it hit me, but also several people at the same time hit me? ”

Faced with this serious problem, I actually speechless.

Probably 45 years ago, a man told me the same World of Warcraft, another veteran of the dead go after fleeing finally full level, returned to the original Goldshire lake fish to fry an afternoon person. Said he is very vent.


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