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WoW 6.0: A Review on Hung hammer fort, the First Kill War!

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Asian clothing into a new CD, also declared the end of the round hammer hanging Fort epic battle of the first week. As a first-class team a copy of version 6.0, it should be said that Blizzard difficult to grasp very good, both for high-end team has been competitive, but also to low-end players have entertainment; demonstrate the feasibility of 20 people in the group, the future Blizzard will draw the master copy of the design is more accurate. In the progress of the battle, the Chinese Association also achieved excellent results, so we were pleasantly surprised, we should bear in mind. Also, more wow gears are on sale at Christmas on our website, come and have a check please!

As an open first server, can be described as the United States serving the Society has inherent advantages. But “do not blame my father not to force, blame themselves to blame,” Association of the United States serving but always better than one day open his own late European clothing, especially the hammer hanging fort, and even the United States serving the first place are the ocean Association area to get these Native American Heart Association simply do not know whether there has been action on the future progress of the competition.

Had also been favored as Blood Legion, Midwinter, etc., at the outset was Ascension ocean area after blasting. Even under the four cities in the Ascension, when, BL still Sike butcher, butcher you know this is the very test hardware BOSS, while hanging Fort hammer is nonlinear distribution, why not choose to skip it presumably BL current decision-makers guild need to reflect on the things (M2 epic butcher was killed two days after the first Method).

Instead, Midwinter and Ascension are obviously kill order for them to bring a lot of advantages of the final ranking, the order also became the European clothing and suits many Asian Association of only two choices. (Mid choose to kill Tektronix Tucci, A guild chooses to kill Blankenship Crespo).

Late opening in the United States serving a dozen hours after the European service, apparently is more powerful in a open service only a half-hour situation, Method three BOSS even take a poll, on the same day they are already 5 / grades 7 triumph in the pack, you have to sigh and their strength is so tough talk.

Method immediately after the veteran strong will Exorsus and Paragon: Russian Association Exorsus clothes in hot pursuit has been on Method (apparently they did not suffer the impact of the recent ruble crash); afraid of her husband and other equipment lowest average, it seems everyone is not optimistic They, the focus has been on the battle Method and Exorsus, who should get the butcher to see what the world’s first kill. At this point, even a little bit of hope that US service A guild can get the first down the butcher counter-kill.

The final results announced, Method pioneered kill butcher, be the first head of state to face epic guild; Exorsus still pursued, in 1 hour and 40 minutes after winning butcher, the same heads of state came to the room, do not really have to be an epic heads of state This two guild contract yet? Thus, click our website and buy wow items cheaper and also safer!



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