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WoW News: Garrison Changes Coming to Patch 6.1

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As patch 6.1 getting closer, WoW devs are sharing more adjustments with us on the official forums. There are a lot of determined changes are posted around the round. Before everything is confirmed officially, we would like share with you the garrison news in the future patch. Aside from Flight path, Garrison follower changes are designed to the upcoming content patch. This site exclusively offers you a wide range of WoW gears at discount prices, and you can rest assured to buy what you need in safe and fast way! Let’s expect it!

1. Garrison followers
?The first legendary follower will be added to the game: Garona Halforcen. You can get this follower by continuing the legendary rings quest chain.
?Harrison Jones is a new follower in 6.1, and you can get him by completing the Don’t Call Me Junior achievement.
?The Follower Trait Retraining item will allow you to roll the traits of your followers. Let us know if you figure it out where you can get this from.
?Tome of Knowledge item will grant 2000 exp to a selected follower and you can get it from Wanted: Nullifier Darkoor mission.
?More missions now reward Follower Retraining Certificate that will help you reroll the followers abilities and traits.
?Followers can now earn some experience for completing work orders.
?A NPC will be added to your garrison where you can “buy” the followers you can’t obtain anymore.
?The Sun-touched Feather of Rukhmar item, comes from a mission and can help you add Speed of Light to the selected follower.

2. Missions
?Blackrock Foundry missions are going to be added, but the followers will need 660 iLvl for them. Make sure you don’t throw away the extra followers gear upgrades. Blackrock Foundry Spoils is the reward for these missions.
?New Archeology missions were added.
?A few missions will reward Primal Spirit and even Savage Blood.
?Seal of Tempered Fatewas added to one more mission, Relic Hunter: Dream of Argus.
?The item Mission Completion Orders will instantly complete a mission for you. Any of you knows where you can get this from?

3. Misc
?The garrison now has a jukebox that can play music. You can select your background music for your garrison like this.
?A new achievement (Master and Commander) tells us that we can summon and defeat bosses in our garrison.
?Garrison Invasions quests now have a Platinum level as well. I guess a new chest reward will be added for it.
?Rush orders were added as well and with these items you can instantly complete 5 work orders.

At the same time, we have to mention that Patch 6.1 PTR Realms are live now, announced by Quality Assurance Zorbrix.

?PTR Accounts and realms are currently locked to Mists of Pandaria. Upgrading the PTR accounts to Warlords is a lengthy process so I don’t have an exact ETA, but it’s something we’re actively working on.
?In-game Character Copy is currently offline. The plan is still to use the in-game system as opposed to the old website version (which hasn’t been functional since 5.4).
?Characters were wiped after the 6.0.3 PTR realms were brought down last month, and cannot be retrieved at this time.”

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